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Anxious to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure full of meaning, Valentine Cail decided to take on the mission of creating the birth boxes that she has always dreamed of giving to her loved ones. Creative and enterprising, Valentine comes from an artistic environment which has always given her the desire to create her own universe… her own brand.


She therefore imagined from scratch the soft and refined universe of Berlingotte, always making sure to place the object as a centerpiece, like a small work of art. Her taste for detail and harmony have helped the designer in creating her boxes, so that they are the ideal gifts to celebrate a birth.

Working mainly with French suppliers was a real commitment for Valentine, first of all for ethical reasons, obvious when we create products for our children. This French commitment also stems from the importance it brings to human relationships. Proximity to suppliers was not an option for her. Each decision is taken in close collaboration with the artisans.