Miffy was ‘born’ in 1955. While on holiday in Egmond aan Zee, Dick Bruna would tell his eldest son, Sierk, bedtime stories about a little, white bunny, who scampered around the garden of their holiday home.


This bunny became the inspiration for Miffy. Later, when Dick began sketching Miffy, he decided he would prefer to draw the bunny in a little dress, rather than a pair of trousers, and so Miffy became a little girl bunny. In the early years, Miffy looked a bit like a fluffy toy with floppy ears, but from 1963 onwards, when the books were first published in square format, she became the Miffy we know today, gazing confidently at the reader with her little, black eyes.


She has two pointy ears and little chubby cheeks. These features are recreated in the wonderfully irresistible soft toys offered here at The Barefoot Kids. They are suitable for all ages (from birth) and made of cotton with the stuffing made of 100% recycled PET bottles.

Miffy plushes are also produced ethically, being certified by the ICTI – Ethical Toy Program and committed to build better lives for all workers around the world.