As one of the leading companies of nail care cosmetics, Safe ‘N’ Beautiful is full of driven people who care a lot about getting it done and the relationships they build.


The team is extremely proud of their company and their reputation. Above all, they’re proud of their “little” clients who have spread their reputation and products to 79 countries around the globe with their enthusiasm and love for the brand Snails.


With some of the most exciting and creative nail care products in the industry, and a proven track record of success over the last 10 years they’ve chosen to focus on doing what they really enjoy… and that is putting their customers first.


Their collaborative working style emphasises teamwork, trust, and tolerance. People see the brand and it’s team as down-to-earth, approachable and fun!


They work hard, but don’t take themselves too seriously.


Snails products are focused on being ‘green’, innovative, a leading premium child cosmetics brand globally and a safe product for kids to play and grown healthily.