Yoko Design

Yoko Design was born in 2008 to breathe life into the universe of lifestyle.

Passionate about contemporary art, architecture and fashion, Yoko Design’s collaborators are on the forefront of trends, helping the brand create original designs, for durability and to enchant your daily routine.

Their products are made to simplify your life, protect the planet and to spread their ethical and ecological values.

Having spent his childhood in Taiwan and having travelled extensively in Asia, Yoav Achour became aware of the enormous waste created by single-use products like plastic bottles and their eventual impact on our seas and oceans.

Upon his return to France, he was determined to find an alternative to these products, that is not only sustainable and safe, but also elegant and eco-responsible.

Mission accomplished: with over 50 trademarked models, Yoko Design established themselves as the experts of the industry, both in original design and incomparable service.

Their range of insulated bottles and sports cans was introduced in 2014 and is currently found in over 30 countries across all continents. Their products are the industry example in original design and high-quality materials.