Environmental footprint made from green leaves

Barefoot & Green

Safe, quality products for your little ones may be our principal considerations, but here at The Barefoot Kids, we care about environmental and sustainability and put these concerns high on our list of priorities, too.


We favour brands that offer products made from materials that are recycled / recyclable, sustainable and ethically sourced. Co2 neutral policies and participation of reforestation projects by brands, as well as use of water-based, non-toxic paints. Other brands we like to work with use long lasting materials or employ eco-friendly production methods or packaging to care for our environment These values are also important to us.


We also believe these values are important to you, our customers, also. We want a better world for us, sure, but we must also leave a healthier planet for the next generation and beyond.


In addition to these environmental concerns, we also place a lot of emphasis on working with brands that demonstrate great ethics on a social level. These may include programmes that help minorities or those normally placed at a disadvantage, assistance to charities and ensuring fair employment practices in production facilities (especially those in Asia and the developing world).

Please take a look at the many brands and products we offer that go out of their way to meet these criteria.