Waytoplay is a family founded and run brand established in 2014 in The Netherlands. The brand is built on the values of creativity, imagination, care, and connection. It’s been a great road trip so far.

Waytoplay was born from a family passion for playing with toy cars in sun and sand. Father, inventor and designer Sybren created Waytoplay for his son Joep, way back in 2003. That led down a road of evolution to the unbreakable weatherproof road for everyone to enjoy today.


After an initial crowdfunding in 2014, Marise, Sybren’s wife and Lex, joined the team to help drive the transformation to a real business. The first 250 Waytoplay sets were sold in the blink of an eye. They had found an audience.


Waytoplay is driven by people. At their high-tech partner in the Netherlands, skilled specialists make the road segments. Looks simple? Well, it’s not. The segments are then printed and packaged, also in The Netherlands by a company that provides sheltered employment, regular work for people with little access to work normally. This makes Waytoplay happy and proud.