History Heroes

History Heroes’ mission is to create award winning, high design products that are educational and entertaining for all ages. They are passionate about having fun, playing games with others and learning along the way. They’re based in Hampshire, UK and their products are made in the UK. The packaging is 100% recyclable and from sustainable card as is their jigsaw.


The games and jigsaw were and are devised to be a tool for all ages and ranges to have fun together in the pursuit of knowledge and history. All of their products aim to provide entertainment and learning, sometimes along with a little glue of competition, and sometimes with a challenge of completing a puzzle to help all the facts and history stick.


The best thing about history is that it covers ALL subjects and, at its best, tells a cracking story. That’s what History Heroes aims to capture with their products –  ‘telling a story’ about who has helped to make and shape our world is at the heart of what History Heroes does.


Each card tells the life and story of each History Hero through their picture and facts. The selection of the 40 Heroes in each theme in turn tells the story of how each theme – Explorers, Scientists, World War I, Sports –  has developed through their respective histories. So, whether you choose to play the games competitively or to enjoy reading and absorbing the cards peacefully and at your own pace, each History Heroes game will give you a thorough, compact and engaging feel for the characters, their individual and collective histories.


The 40 Heroes chosen for each topic have been selected after much research and consideration. There are ALWAYS at least 5-10 other worthy contenders for a place in the pack. There are always more ‘Heroes’ to explore.