Kid's Concept

Kid’s Concept is a Swedish design company founded 2007. They create functional and innovative products, and are passionate about spreading joy and encouraging more play for all children. They design products to help simplify life with children and give them the opportunity to enjoy a childhood that’s both safe and fun. Children’s only limitation should be their imagination. Unique designs by Kid’s Concept and their co-ordinated series are their success.


As Lotta Hallenius, designer and product developer at Kid’s Concept explains, “When designing a product, we need to start from the child’s perspective by making sure we develop products that meet the needs of children and encourage the little ones to play, learn, and improve their motor skills and fantasy. Our toys need to be safe and functional, and they must comply with Kid’s Concepts’ high quality standards. A simple drawing on a paper is normally where I start. From start to finish – a fully-tested product –can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months, working closely with our skilled suppliers all over the world. I’m someone who has an eye for detail and I enjoy explore and trying out new things. We work with several different materials, combining textures and colours that I find interesting to put together. It’s great that I’m able to follow the idea all the way from conception to fully-tested product.”


Emphasis On Sustainable Materials

From the outset, the choice was made to avoid using plastic and instead focus on sustainable materials. Conscious material choices are made already at the design stage, whilst functionality and durability go hand in hand. For example, Kid’s Concept always choose FSC-certified wood over anything else. Early on, the decision was made to make the toys more unisex. It’s important that the products are of high quality and lasting value, so they can be passed on from big sister to little brother and maybe even sold second-hand. In their work, understanding environmental aspects is a priority, as they work for our own and future generations.