Dantoy has been developing and manufacturing quality toys in Denmark for more than 50 years and is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic toys in the Nordic countries. The company is located in Hobro, about 60 km north of Aarhus.


All Dantoy products are based on the values of high playing value, safety and durability… with stylish design and the environment in mind.



Environmental Commitment


The world’s first toys to be licensed for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel were from Dantoy, back in 2010.

Plastic toys licensed for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel must comply with the world’s strictest requirements for plastic contents. For instance, products bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel may not contain harmful substances such as phthalates, perfume, BPA or endocrine-disruptive substances. 


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel stipulates requirements for safety, quality and service life. All Dantoy toys are designed to endure the level of play at daycare institutions, which requires heavy-duty strength and high product quality. This is exemplified by the extra thickness of their toys, contrasting with many cheap products made of thin material.


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is based on the product’s life cycle. In other words, it is based on an assessment of the environmental impact from the time the product is ‘born’ as a raw material until it ‘dies’ as rubbish, and it will often be recycled.