Cotton Twist

Cotton Twist was set up by Anne-Clare in 2015 after the birth of her third child. With her older two children constantly at parties, Anne-Clare started to tire of the plastic rubbish they brought home in party bags.

As she explains, “I think it's fair to say I have never been one to keep it simple... “.

Why buy a cake when you could stay up until all hours making one? Why purchase a birthday card when you could rummage through the craft drawer & create one? Why just read inspiring blogs when you could write your own?

True to form then, she channelled her 'excess energy' into a raft of products and activities to spark creativity in the sphere of gifts and celebrations.

An inspiration for parties & play, Cotton Twist prides itself on making activities & gifts you'll love to give, & children will love to receive. 

Nostalgic, chic, simple & inherently satisfying, crafts draw upon a palette of raw materials from lolly sticks to boxes, & from twine to felt. Wave goodbye to all that plastic!

Crafts are carefully designed to spark learning & play in a fun & imaginative way. A world of make believe is ready to be uncovered.

Activities are perfect for party bags, stocking fillers, wedding day activities, travelling & rainy days.