Nobodinoz, a French-Spanish brand founded by Murielle & Roman Bressan, creates products for children of all ages, and for parents to enjoy the designs, quality and eco-friendly materials and gorgeous colours.


Along each and every step of design and production, the brand applies the values they passionately believe in;


  • creating carefully conceived, eco-friendly products

  • produced in Europe to minimise production carbon footprint

  • using the best quality materials

  • valuing their manufacturer’s know-how

  • making long-lasting products that can be handed down the generations


Each product created by Nobodinoz is intended to bring joy, stimulate the imagination and aid in your little ones’ development.


All fabrics are produced in Spain, 100% organic and hypoallergenic. They are free of pesticides to protect the environment and reduce water wastage. Tints and pigments used are biodegradable.


All textiles, cribs, varnish, and paint etc. are tested in specialised labs according to European safety requirements.


All products are designed from the children’s point of view and Nobodinoz collaborates with paediatricians and childcare workers to offer them the chance to grow while discovering, experimenting and controlling their little universe according to the Montessori method.