Toddlekind is driven by a belief that childhood should be cherished and playtime should be fun – without having to compromise on interior design. Founded in Germany in 2018, Toddlekind creates children’s interior design products for use on the floor that are both functional and beautiful. 


Babies and tots spend most of their time on the floor, yet this is a space in the home that is so often neglected. Since their launch, Toddlekind are present in more than 45 countries worldwide where families have discovered the benefits of their versatile mats, which offer a unique combination of comfort, practicality and unparalleled style.

Toddlekind’s Care for the Environment & Children


The organic mats are certified, meaning the items have been made from environmentally friendly materials and ingredients, and contains no chemical substances.


However, Toddlekind’s environmental awareness goes further. For every purchase made, they plant a tree. They believe our planet is not ours. It belongs to the children and that's why they invest in the future of our planet.


They also partner with ONE DAY under a new initiative #onedayhero, to protect the world’s most vulnerable children in Africa. Through rehabilitation, therapy and education, they are working to break this cycle.


In a world where every child is cherished and loved, we might not need to save the planet after all.


Find out how you can contribute & become a #onedayhero