Mideer, founded in 2016, is a world-renowned brand that combines toys, art, games and education. Their mission is to give families and children around the world the opportunity to play with imagination inspiring toys.


Mideer treasures ‘every single kid’, and treats every child like a seed wanting to germinate.


At the beginning of the design phase, Mideer considers how a toy can promote a child's development, and ensure the safety, non-toxicity and durability of the product with the strictest standards in production. As a product progresses, they ruminate on the question ‘Is this really helpful to kids?’.

Before launching products, every sample is analysed and checked carefully. All Mideer products adopt natural plant-based dyes, printing ink, etc. All have passed the EN71 test (the European safety standard). Mideer insists on using manual quality inspection to trace back every detail. Strict QC guard our children to play safely.