Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van is a big hearted, honest talking family business with a lifelong passion for creating traditional wooden toys.


Their story began over 25 years ago. Meet Georges Le Van. Founder and creator of the first ever Le Toy Van toy, our beloved wooden Dolls House.


His vision was simple. To create beautiful, unique toys, lovingly made with intention to stand the test of time. Georges’ son, Steven was the inspiration behind the brand, testing out and playing with his father’s wonderful creations throughout his childhood. Today he proudly carries on his father’s legacy.


Their toys continue to spark young imaginations through learning-based fun, ready to be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime of play.


Today they sell all of their classic toys around the globe, whilst still retaining those same beliefs that they first set out with.


Their team of talented toy makers design is based in the UK and they only partner with ethical manufacturers where every piece is mindfully made, crafted from solid, repurposed wood.


They’re happy to have picked up a fair few awards for their toys along the way too, covering everything from design, quality, safety, sustainability, and educational and play value. They are always striving to improve their products and always adhere to the highest industry standards.


We hope you feel inspired to explore our range of Le Toy Van offerings, bursting with imaginative treasures that bring the magic of play to life, today and for generations to come.

Sustainable Credentials


Le Toy Van believes in keeping it green. From the very beginning, they’ve always put our planet and our people first. It’s a way of life for them. When you buy Le Toy Van toy, you can be rest assured that it ticks all the boxes.


Sustainably sourced materials

Repurposed wood

Ethical production methods

Carbon neutral


From their trusted partners to the materials they work with, the focus is always on keeping environmental impact to a minimum. They only use FSC certified wood and Indonesian Legal Rubberwood that has been repurposed or sourced from sustainably managed forests.


Rubberwood is a by-product of the environment. These trees contribute to the local economy, helping to purify the air and gobble up nasty emissions. At the end of their life cycle, they are given a second life as a cherished Le Toy Van toy.


The brand works closely with their three factories across China and Indonesia. Each one has its own specialist craft and is approved by the ICTI Ethical Toy Programme Certification, to support the rights and well-being of their workers.


Le Toy Van regularly visit and enjoy long standing relationships with their people and their communities.