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The Barefoot Klub

Why Join the Barefoot Klub?

Being part of the Barefoot Klub has various benefits including:

  • News of latest products and launches

  • Exclusive offers/discounts

  • Save as you spend with our Barefoot Koins


How to Join the Barefoot Klub


The Mailing List

This is easy. Scroll to the foot of this page, enter your email address in the field provided, and hit 'subscribe'. We will then keep you updated with news of the latest products, special offers, and more.

Save as you Spend with Barefoot Koins

In the bottom left corner of this website, you should see a star icon. This icon is the key to your Barefoot Koins.

  • First of all, to benefit from this feature, you need to create a member's account (if you haven't done so already). You can find this function in the top right of this website (or at the top of the navigation if using a mobile). Signing up also comes with its own benefits (creating a wish list, an order history, saving your payment methods and addresses, etc.).

  • Make sure you are signed in when you shop.

  • For every €1 you spend, you will earn 10 reward points.

  • Every 1,000 rewards points gives you €10 off a purchase so long as the purchase has a minimum total value of €50 (it only takes a spend of €100 to reach the magic 1,000 point total).

  • You can 'cash in' a maximum of 2,000 points in one go.

  • You can also earn 5 bonus points by following us on Instagram, liking us on Facebook, and sharing our Facebook page. That's 15 easy and free points. Open the Rewards icon to complete these actions and get those points.

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