Remember the iconic toys Lego and Meccano? Well, this is bigger than that.

Infento is the first in the world to develop a kit for families that lets them build real constructible rides together. You only need one kit and one hex key to create unlimited rides for their whole childhood. From toddler to teenager. From a walker, scooter, tricycle, bicycle, go-kart, skibock to a sledge and more. Infento’s modular parts allow endless possibilities.


The name Infento comes from two latin words: “infinitus” (infinite) and “planto” (to make). When pronounced you hear the verb “invent”. This combination is exactly what Infento is about. To infinitely make and invent.


The idea for Infento originated in 2010. In 2012 the first product was ready to go to market: an educational kit especially designed for schools to give children a technical skillset for the future.

The positive feedback from schools, parents and children led to the decision to develop a product especially designed for families. After two years of development the company launched a new line of products at Kickstarter where they crushed their crowdfunding goal by almost 10 fold.