Petit Boum

Do you remember what was it like to be a child?


Time stopped. Every object, every shape, was a discovery. Your senses were an open window, and your mind was like a sponge.


Petit Boum was founded by Carmen and Dolors and they work so kids can keep marveling and learning while they play. Free and at their own pace. They do it creating sensory bottles full of colour, light and magic.


Their story begins at home, in the midst of that incessant hubbub that always surrounds children. They are sisters, and in addition to raising their children, they have always been united by their creativity curiosity, childhood … and the world of toys.


And so, in one of their lunchtimes, the spark was lit. “Why is the offer in our city so low?”. “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a space with cared toys, where also the parents could find new ways of playful learning?”


This was the first step: el Niu d’Andròmines was born, a recreational space in Olot, unique in the whole province of Girona. This has enabled them to better know the toy sector and, above all, grow in interest as never before, to always offer the best to children and their families.


Years later, the second spark and the second boum were lit.


Always looking for new creative challenges, they discovered sensory bottles and fell in love with them: they were fun, stimulating and provided the kind of spontaneous play they were in favour of.


Two years after searching and experimenting in their lab-house, Petit Boum was born. Sensory bottles designed to excite children of all ages, from the first babbling.


You only have to a sensory bottle to your little one to see how much they enjoy watching and discover.