Little Dutch

Little Dutch is a Dutch-born brand for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.


For more than a decade, their in-house design team has been creating a wide collection of versatile products that are equally interesting and practical. For in the house or on the go. Things to keep for yourself or to give as a present. Little Dutch designs are an enrichment for children who grow up and parents who bring up.


From toys and bed linen to essentials and decoration. Little Dutch ensures that each product is a real treasure. Little Dutch thinks of the little ones as much as they follow their parent’s wishes.
Their products provide a timeless sense of style, are fun to play with, and completely safe for use by children.


Little Dutch is committed to supporting both parenthood and the development of every child as much as possible, no matter what the day brings. Their designs are as functional as they are fascinating. They sparkle with joy, add comfort, and bring ease.


Little Dutch makes everyday happiness more happy.

Taking Strides in Sustainability & Social Responsibility


Little Dutch is constantly developing when it comes to sustainability by choosing sustainable alternatives and responsible innovations more often. They are taking organisation-wide steps towards a sustainable future.


Their products meet European regulations and are produced without child labour and in a socially responsible manner in the Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Turkey and China, among others.


They constantly consider the sustainability of their products and material choices with suppliers. In collaboration with their suppliers, they aim for sustainable products with respect for people and the environment.


For example:


  • Their textiles are Oeko-TEX® certificatied, meaning steps are taken to reduce the use of harmful substances in order to minimise the health and environmental impact of the products.


  • Their wooden toys are made of sustainable wood and are painted using water-based paints.


  • Their organic garment collection is made of 90% organic cotton and yarn. The jacron label on the clothes is made of banana leaves. The paper hangtags on the products are made of recycled paper.

  • A single backpack is made of ten recycled PET bottles.


In addition to making their products more sustainable, they are reducing the amount of packaging used. By now, they have made the following sustainable choices:

  • Removed plastic handles from boxes with big toys.


  • Replaced boxes with plastic windows with closed boxes.


  • The plastic hygiene bags of plushies have been replaced with recycled plastic.


  • Plastic packaging material replaced by ‘paper wrap’ where possible.


Litlle Dutch’s social commitment doesn’t at the improvement and monitoring of the labour conditions where their products are manufactured, but extends to giving back to society.

For example, they have worked with the Erasmus MC Sophia Foundation in Rotterdam (NL) which has led to many donations and great results over the past few years.

On top of that Zorgkwekerij Bloei in Pijnacker, an organisation that employs people with a distance to the labour market, performs specific activities on behalf of Little Dutch. The factory in India that produces our rugs has a special social plan for employees and the local surroundings. On top of that, they sponsor a local school.