Based in Slovenia, Equa is an environmentally conscious brand producing beautifully crafted water bottles.


If you too are frustrated thinking about plastic waste but feel powerless in front of such a massive challenge, you’re not alone. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times. Way too little is recycled, and it takes about 450 years for a single-use plastic bottle to decompose.


So, what can you do today? Well, you can:


  • Lower your utilization of single-use plastics

  • Support sustainable products & ethical brands

  • Choose long-lasting refillable water bottles


And here is where Equa come in, with one Equa bottle typically replacing about 217 single-use plastic ones per year.


Equa choose only premium-quality, planet-friendly materials to design their products.


A big part of their marketing focuses on educating their audience about sustainable living and the importance of hydration. They also regularly take part in clean-ups… and love doing so!