Trybike is the brainchild of Pim and Alex, two brothers, crazy about cycling. They come from the Netherlands, where almost everyone has one or two bikes. Besides enthusiastic cyclists, they have been importing lots of fun toys, especially ones with wheels (including balance bikes) for more than 10 years.

In 2015, they started developing their our own balance bike, applying all of their knowledge as toy sellers and cyclists during the process. They had great fun designing the perfect balance bike: durable, designed to last, and, to top it all, darned good-looking to boot!


They spent one and a half years in development, making 34 prototypes, and had seven test models which were brutally mistreated to test their safety and durability.


The result: the Trybike, which is exactly the kind of bike they would have loved to have had as kids.


Sustainability is also important to Pim and Alex to respect our planet and our fellow man. This began at the design stage by creating a strong and high-quality product that lasts. Also, by choosing the correct materials. Minimising plastic, using certified wood, recycled board and only quality and safe materials.



You can get a 15.25% rebate on our Trybike and Bobbin ranges.

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