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Life is one big adventure when you are a kid. So much to explore and enjoy! Kidzroom is a Dutch company driven by happy adventures. Big or small. Because when you look through the eyes of kids, you can find joy in everything. It just takes some imagination. 
Kidzroom care bags and backpacks are perfect for family adventures. Practical, sustainable, and totally on trend.
 So pack up in style, explore more and create great memories together!


Kidzroom kids backpacks are available in various sizes and cool designs.

The backpacks are made from high-quality canvas, cotton-look or recycled polyester. Some models also have a drinking bottle compartment on the inside. Boisterous kids? Choose a backpack with a handy buckle to keep it secure. All products are finished using high-quality, sustainable materials such as vegan leather accents and cotton linings.