Happy Little Doers

Happy Little Doers, based in the UK, designs chidrens learning resources and products to help organise homes and life! Their designs use modern typography with minimalist design, and are created with longevity and sustainability in mind.


Their unique number flash cards, which are designed for learning with 8 fun games have become a huge hit, both in the UK and internationally.


As Happy Little Doers founder, Kate (mummy of Billy and Lara), says, “My ‘light bulb’ moment happened when life as we knew it went back to basics; no soft play, no parks and no seeing friends and family to occupy our time.  Billy and I would often sit together (whilst Lara was napping) and practice counting.  I would write down the numbers and dots on a separate piece of paper for him to match up.  However, he always wanted to count higher than 10, and play with more numbers. The scraps of paper I had written on soon became bent and torn.”

“We noticed there wasn’t anything similar on the market that went higher than 10 or 20, whilst also being really simple.  That’s when we decided to launch ‘Learn by Doing… Numbers’.”

“We’ve designed these simplistic black and white flash cards so that numbers can be explored, played with, without distraction.”