Who knew at the time that an at-home project with their kids would become an international gift line for a group of experienced New York wholesale, merchandising and product design experts?! But after friends and neighbors asked for their own custom decorated goggles, they realised that they we were on to something and Bling2o was launched in 2013. They know that when combining their passion with the trends kids love, endless possibilities exist for Bling2o products.


You can’t beat making a product that makes EVERYONE smile!


Bling2o  goggles and masks are latex free, lead free and have anti-fog properties. Throughout all the stages of development of the product, Bling2o perform the highest quality of control testing programs through highly accredited laboratories. All of the Bling2o products are in accordance with the most stringent global safety standards. As a leader in kids’ products and for multiple consumer markets, they are committed to meeting and exceeding, now and in the future, all the required safety standards enacted for children’s products.