Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack embraces the idea of kids being kids. The brand would like to accompany them, just like their favourite toy or stuffed animal, with their stylish and practical bags… to be part of their everyday life, milestones, and achievements. And most of all they want to celebrate your little one’s uniqueness.


Pick & Pack bags bring happiness and inspire the imagination!


The Pick & Pack began in 2008 in Sweden. Here the DNA of the brand has been created with love and passion. In 2019 the brand moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The owners, Thomas & Irmgard, met each other in the bags business 25 year ago and worked for the world’s best-known brands. They find humour and style important in life and want to make kids happy with their products.


Pick & Pack is designed for your kid’s daily adventures and perfect for modern parents who prioritise quality and function with a joyful attitude. The collection shows happy colours and playful patterns.

The fun starts in their design studio where the shapes and patterns are created. Everything is drawn by hand and later digitalised for production. Their products are made with great attention to detail and all designs are unique! They make no compromise on quality for the kids or the environment.



Sustainability at Pick & Pack


The exterior of all Pick & Pack bags is made of recycled polyester and vegan leather. Their recycled polyester consists of 90% recycled water bottles called RPET (Recycled Pet Bottles). Compared with regular polyester fabrics this material has a 70% lower energy consumption, 86% lower water consumption and 75% lower carbon footprint. It is manufactured by their trusted partner in Asia. The bottom of the Pick & Pack bags and some details are made of vegan leather. For this kind of leather, no animal products are used in production, and it has less impact on the environment.



Social Considerations


Pick & Pack believes that children have the freedom to choose products that match their personality, mood, and creativity. All our bags and accessories are unisex, and we never categorize or present our products based on gender.


They don’t own a factory but share facilities together with other brands. The small factory they work with has very high standards regarding fair labour and protection of the environment. Pick & Pack has a strong personal long-standing relationship with the manufacturer and build a cooperation that is profitable for both parties.


To assure that their materials and processes are as agreed, they work with various certifications and standards covering materials, production, and the employees in the factory they are working with.