Headu is an innovative project that aims to develop a child's multiple intelligences. During the learning process and while building skills, children use their brains in different ways, as if drawing on different sets of "intellectual resources".


To be prepared for the future in this interconnected world which has experienced a digital revolution, we have to stay constantly abreast of knowledge as it evolves. This requires new ways of thinking and learning from an early age. Education increasingly has to adapt to the inclinations and talents of the individual.


Lifelong Playing Headu (LPH) is the method in 3 key points that promotes, stimulates and mobilises the natural intelligence of children through play, with fun teaching devices and oriented to the training of essential and useful skills that train in a spontaneous unforced way the capacity for lifelong learning.


"We design fun, high-quality games, toys, books and apps to help teach children essential skills using an innovative teaching method."

Franco Lisciani and Gian Maurizio Basciano

Founders of Headu