Inspired by their own families, sisters from Lyon – Maud and Diane, wanted to stimulate children’s imagination and empower them to follow their dreams.


Their innovative concept - non-toxic silicone tablemats - reinvented colouring for kids… combining whimsical designs with practical application.


First launched in 2015, SuperPetit tablemats saw rapid success and with complementary talents, the sisters have continued to grow the product line, now with 4 design collections and ongoing development of playful accessories.


Maud, based in Hong Kong, drives product and brand design while Diane manages global distribution and logistics from France.


Non-toxic product development cleverly incorporates functional benefits with fanciful inspiration. Incredibly practical, our soft silicone mats, 100% food grade, protect delicate surfaces from the wear and tear of busy kids. Hygienic, great for traveling, perfect for snacking or playing.


SuperPetit’s Commitment to Sustainability


The sisters commitment to the environment mandates sustainable product development and a portion of sales donated to “1% for the Planet”, a non-profit organisation that connects companies with environmental charities.


They recognise that the most sustainable products are the ones you never throw away – but nothing lasts forever, so they source the most durable, recyclable materials they can find and work with socially responsible suppliers.


They are concerned about the future of our planet and as parents, want to set a good example for their children in the work they do. But they are also realistic and have a business to run. The SuperPetit promise is to be ever mindful of their environmental impact with their designs, production and partnerships while maintaining their high quality and standards.


The tablemats are made of recyclable silicone (in the correct recycling facility, so definitely not suitable for landfills).


Beautiful packaging is an important part of their product design, but the finishes and materials that keep the products looking good are often plastic-based and harder to recycle. Their solutions:

  • Boxes are made from at least 30% recycled card and are fully recyclable.

  • They do not use plastic laminates or finishes.

  • They print with soy ink.

  • They use the minimum amount of packaging necessary to protect their products.

  • They request their full supply chain to use recycled and/or fully recyclable materials.


SuperPetit carefully selected and visited all the factories they use to verify good working conditions and quality control.