Sophisticated and playful is Marnelly's design language. The interest in colour, form and function has always been there. When Veronica Gyllenram completed her textile education at the University of Borås, the dream of being able to create on a full-time basis was born. Said and done, in 2014 Marnelly was started, which initially focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality organic bed textiles for children.

In recent years, Veronica has also taken the step towards the interior design sector through the design of playful wall hooks. The inspiration for Marnelly's products comes from the animal kingdom, where she tries to capture the animals' specific characteristics and at the same time give them playful and sophisticated expression. The animals are then illustrated with as few brushstrokes as possible, completely in line with Marnelly's design language.

The hooks are made out of steel. By bending the animals' legs into hooks, the animal's shape is used to create a functional hook. It also makes them very solid and useful for easily storing children's clothes and things. They fit just as well in the hall as in the children's room. Combining the hooks and hanging them in different levels, will create a playful effect on the wall.

The company name Marnelly consists of the designer's last eight letters in the surname, read backwards. It is under this brand that the mother of two, Veronica - living on Ekerö in Stockholm - designs her products. The products are of high quality, durable and have a design that appeals to both children and adults.

Environmental Considerations in Production

The wall hooks are made out of steel and manufactured in Gnosjö, Småland. Marnelly know the owners of the production facility, which has been in operation since 1894, personally and work closely with them throughout the process. They have great knowledge and craftsmanship of steel production.

A environmentally friendly powder coating method is used to colour the hooks, free of any solvents or environmentally hazardous chemicals. It is possible to reuse materials that do not end up on the product, which minimises waste.

Creating products in steel is great, as it is a material that is both long lasting and durable, which make it perfect for wall hooks and for being used in everyday life with kids. Lasting for generations, the steel is also 100 % recyclable over and over again.