Mimi & Lula

Mimi & Lula is a stylish and playful kids accessories brand that brings the sparkle and shine back into playtime and daytime...


The brand was founded in 2017 by Natasha Hodson and Nicola Byrne who both spent over a decade working with famous high street brands to create accessory ranges for grown-up girls. But when their own little girls came along, they quickly realised that the accessories available weren't varied enough to please their strong-minded daughters or to give parents enough fun options for dressing up their precious kids. After all, you can never have enough colourful clips, quirkily shaped bags, or fun dress-up goodies that children love!


So Tash and Nic set about putting their experience and passion into creating their own rich and inspiring collection designed to let kids express their personalities with flair and style.  Whether it’s dress-up, parties, play or just a school day, at Mimi & Lula the aim is always to charm, dazzle and delight. And with one eye on quality and the other (that’s the winking one) on having fun, you can always count on this brand to raise a cheeky smile in every girl and her mum.

Looking After the Planet Our Children Will Inherit


Mimi and Lula are not only focused on creating all things sparkly for the little people of the world, they also care about looking after the planet that they will inherit.


From day one they have been conscious of their environmental footprint and continually strive to keep learning and making decisions that are in the best interests of our planet and the people who call it home. They are constantly looking for more sustainable ways to make make, transport and package their products.


Policies include:


  • Minimal plastic packaging (hair accessories are presented on 100% recyclable card and swing tags are made of card and secured with string.


  • All the materials used for their products are strictly non-toxic and tests are carried out for lead, cadmium, phthalates, formaldehyde/AZO and nickel. Mimi and Lula comply with REACH standards and do not use any of the harmful chemicals listed here: https://echa.europa.eu/web/guest/candidate-list-table


  • The main materials used by Mimi and Lula are polyurethane (aka ‘vegan leather’), iron (one of the most environmentally friendly metals), polyester (used sparingly and replaced with recycled polyester and cotton/recycled cotton where possible), cellulose acetate (a eco-friendly type of plastic derived from natural cotton and wood fibres) and paper wicker (also eco-friendly).


  • Waste is kept to a minimum whereby Mimi and Lula avoids overbuying materials and producing in small production runs.


  • Sea freight is favoured over air freight in order to reduce carbon footprint.


  • Rather than running a head office, the company’s small team work remotely from their own homes, reducing travel pollution and environmental impact.


  • Mimi and Lula has a fair and ethical policy when it comes to workforce, with regards to their own team in the UK or by ensuring  that the factories they work with share the same values.


  • Since 2020 Mimi and Lula has chosen to help Family Action, a charity that supports some of the poorest families in the UK. Their help comes in the form of profit donation and supporting their annual Christmas toy appeal with donated gifts.