Moonie is a Polish brand offering the much loved ‘humming’ soft toys.


But why are Moonie toys a must have for babies and young kids?


Moonie is the only humming toy with the highest quality natural pink noise, not computer generated. Due to the fact that the sound of the heartbeat is a real recording from the inside of the mother's belly, the baby can calm down and feel safe with the familiar sound. The sound of sea waves was recorded by the Baltic Sea, and the sounds of a forest stream in Tarach.


Moonie is the only humming toy with a built-in bedside lamp, which helps with the night-time comfort and sense of security of the baby, and helps the older ones overcome the fear of the dark.


Moonie is the only humming toy that is charged via a USB cable (included with the toy) and does not require the purchase of additional batteries or rechargeable batteries.