Caramel & Cie

Going to school is all about learning to share: friends, songs, hide-and-seek games, pretty notebooks and crayons.

At school, children share these moments of discovery and emotion but they each have their own schoolbag. Unique, different, personal, the schoolbag allows the child to express an individual identity within the group.

When Rafaela Garcia designs a schoolbag for Caramel & Cie, she creates what will become a link between the child's family cocoon and the great adventure that is school. She conceives her school bags as friends, accomplices of the children they accompany throughout their daily lives.


Caramel & Cie school bags are beautiful because they are both sober and amusing. Their materials, designs and colours appeal to children. Their look is pop, their style is fun, their design is top. Some are very graphic, others more classic: they are all irresistible. Actually, Caramel & Cie school bags are so beautiful that they make parents want to go back to childhood and to school!


Caramel & Cie school bags are well crafted. Lightweight, sturdy and comfortable, they have padded shoulder straps, anti-perspirant backs, and reinforced seams. The inside is made of waterproof fabric. They can be safely filled and transported everywhere without fear of damage.