Small Foot

Toys for babies and infants are so much more than just activities; children discover the world with our toys from German brand Small Foot.


Toys support speech development, motor skills, and concentration - and are simply loads of fun, too! Like all of our other toys, our Small Foot baby toys are developed in Germany and are ideally suited for even the youngest kids: long-lasting, robust, intensely tested and totally safe.


Whether it's a wooden balance bike, a wooden swing, wooden puzzles, or the children's play kitchen made of wood – the Small Foot product developers design all Small Foot toys for babies, infants and children aged 3 years and up with a love for detail and the vision to bring playtime fun into the nurseries and gardens. That’s because, at Small Foot, they know exactly what matters for children's toys.



Social Commitment


Taking responsibility for social and societal well-being is an important issue for Small Foot. For this reason, they have supported charitable organisations and associations with donations for years. One example of this is their 10+ year support of Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. (Doctors Without Borders). They have donated to Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. in 2020 as well, and they also supported "Rettet den Regenwald e.V." (Save the Rainforest) and "Unicef e.V." (Unicef).


The topic of climate protection is of increasing importance, and for this reason, Small Foot have been supporting the renowned charitable climate protection organisation ‘atmosfair’ gGmbH with a donation since December 2020.


‘atmosfair’ was created in 2004 from a research project of the German Federal Environment Ministry and a joint initiative of the travel agency association "anders reisen" ("Travel Differently") and the environmental /developmental organisation "Germanwatch". This climate protection organisation develops and manages climate protection projects including the expansion of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies, advises and guides companies and institutions on their paths to transformation to a decarbonized economy, and offers environmentally conscious people the opportunity to offset unavoidable CO₂ emissions in the southern hemisphere.