Moover Toys

Moover Toys is Danish toy company that was started by Jeppe Krog and Kåre Tofte in 2003. Jeppe gained his education in Communication and Business Management and Kåre gained his education from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Both Krog and Kåre bonded over their mutual love of modern design.  Scandnavian designs are continually recognised for their simplicity, durability, minimalism & functionality.


The true vision of both founding partners was to create excitement in a new way for children around the globe. At the time, neither Jeppe or Kåre had children of their own. Since then, they both have become parents and proudly test every Moover Toy product with their children.


The goal from the beginning was to make kids and parents happy, motivated and adventurous.  As it continues to be seen, parents are enjoying the fact that their children are being imaginative and having fun with Moover Toys modern and classic designs.  Parents can also rest easy in the knowledge that Moover Toys are created using the finest materials, are of a high quality, and safe for the environment.



Moover Toys and the Environment


Sourced from sustainable, renewable wood resources, Moover Toys are a more eco-friendly option than plastic toys. Plus, wood is recyclable and biodegradable, and they always use safe and tested pigments in their products and packaging.


Also, Moover Toys products are durable and long lasting, which is a good move for sustainability.