Wild & Stone

Wild & Stone founder, Kat, always dreamed of running her own company. To be able to work when she wanted to, where she wanted to, and to fit her work around her life rather than let work dictate it.


With a return to the corporate world looming after the birth of her second child in 2017, I she left wondering how it would be possible to keep up the 9-5 whilst raising two small children. It was at this point that she knew something had to change.


Kat’s journey towards plastic free living started because of a toothbrush she bought for her daughter! She opened a plastic box to get out a plastic toothbrush that would last a month before being thrown away and the cycle repeating. That night she sat and wondered how many times this was happening on a daily basis, and it was then that it really hit home. She was part of the problem.


She knew there had to be other options, and after doing a bit of research she found some, but I couldn’t find designs that she liked and wanted to have around her home.


In Kat’s words, “I could either keep using single use materials and continue to play a part in destroying our world… or do something about it myself”. The former wasn’t an option, and this is how Wild & Stone was created.


Shortly after starting, Kat’s friend, Sarah (a fellow mother longing for a more flexible working lifestyle) joined the adventure and together they set out to help rid the world of unnecessary plastics.


At The Barefoot Kids we are delighted to be part of the Wild & Stone eco-friendly journey.